IMG_9141_resizedHome Care

HSTW has contracted with the Health Department of Northwest Michigan to provide one to one care for individuals who are homebound.  We can also work with those recovering from a hospitalization, surgery, or returning home from a rehabilitation facility that are in need of therapy but are unable to leave their home. Treatments are covered by insurance and the best course of action will be determined by the patient, their family and the therapist to allow maximal recovery and return to function.

Personal Training

HSTW offers private, personalized in home personal training services to allow you to work out in the comfort of your own home with little or no equipment needed. Programs are customized and designed for your abilities and desired outcomes with your schedule and goals in mind.  Whether you are a high school athlete, weekend warrior, or just want to stave off a knee replacement and play with the grandkids, there is a program for you.

Work-Site ConsultationsIMG_9152_resized1

HSTW provides assessments of individual work stations and work practices while offering ergonomic modifications. We are also able to provide therapy onsite to workers injured both on and off the job to minimize lost production.  Both the employer and the employee benefit from enhancing return to work practices using “on the job training”.